Recharge Your PIN

Where Would You Like To Call To Today?

Did you know that prepaid phone cards or calling cards can save more than 70% of the money that you spend on international calls? This is the main reason why prepaid calling cards are so popular these days. With Phone Card Choice long-distance calling cards, you can enjoy great rates for international calling.

Here are the instructions to use Phone Card Choice prepaid international calling cards for cheap international phone calls!

Generally, if there is only a small difference in the rate it is better to buy rechargeable cards as you can:

  • Maintain the same PIN number.

  • Use every last cent on the phone card. In the phone card industry, this is called “breakage”. Breakage is how some phone card providers make money as they hope that you will not be able to use the small amount that is left on your phone card. Eg: if it cost 30 cents/ min to call Fiji and you only have 29 cents left on your card you will no longer be able to use your card to call Fiji.

  • Refresh any credit that has expired. Rechargeable cards generally have an expiry date of “6 months from first use or recharge”. eg: if you buy a $20 card and still have $5 on the card after 6 months you will not lose the $5 if you recharge your card. So if you recharge for $10 you will have another 6 months to use $15.

How To Recharge Your PIN

Recharging your card is easy:

  • 1. Login with your username and password.

  • 2. Click on the brand of the card that you bought (If you have forgotten the brand of the phone card that you bought, this can be found on the subject line of the email that we sent to you which contains the PIN or on the tax invoice).

  • 3. Click on the “Recharge Go” link which is next to the buy button.

  • 4. Enter the PIN of the phone card you want to recharge and click on “Recharge Go”.

  • 5. Select the payment method (Credit Card, Direct Deposit, Money Order, Cheque).

  • 6. If you have selected ‘Credit Card’ as the payment method, please select the amount you want to recharge and your credit card type form the drop-down menu. Enter your credit card number and the expiry date. Click on “Do Recharge!”

  • 7. If you have selected Direct Deposit, Money Order or Cheque as the payment method, please select the amount you want to recharge from the drop down menu and Click on “Do Recharge! ” You will immediately receive an emailed containing some instructions on the account number to transfer your money to or the address to send you Money Order or Cheque to. These instructions will also appear on the screen.

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