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Why Aussies Are Switching To Phone Card Choice

  • We won’t take your credit if your phone card expires

    If your phone card expires, no problem, simply recharge it and we’ll add your previous balance to your recharge total.

  • No reactivation fees

    Some phone card companies will penalise you for letting your card expire by charging you a fee to reactivate it. We understand that life happens and things get missed. Simply recharge your card as you normally do and you’re back in business!

  • No daily service fee charges

    It’s common practice to charge daily, weekly, or monthly admin fees. We’ve been in business since the early 2000’s and have never charged additional daily service fees.

  • No off-peak or on-peak call rates

    Some phonecard companies have variable rates depending on what time of the day or night you are calling. To keep things simple for our customers we keep the rates flat at all times.

Earn Reward Points

When you buy phone cards from us you will also earn reward points that can be exchanged for free phone cards. Each dollar you spend on our website earns you 1 reward point. When you earn 50 reward points you can exchange this for a $5 phone card (10 reward points = $1 of calls).

Find The Best Calling Cards 

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