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  • Credit Rollover

  • Earn FREE Calls With Reward Points

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4 Reasons Why Aussies Are Switching To Phone Card Choice

1. Credit rollover (even if your card expires)

Most companies will take your remaining balance if your calling card expires, we don’t. Simply recharge, and we’ll add your previous balance to your recharge total.

2. No reactivation fees

Some companies penalise you if your phonecard expires. If your phonecard expires, simply recharge your card, and you’re back in business without any additional fees!

3. No daily service fee charges

It’s common practice to charge daily, weekly, or monthly admin fees. None of our calling cards come with any hidden fees.

4. No off-peak or on-peak call rates

Some phonecard companies have variable rates depending on what time of the day or night you are calling. To keep things simple for our customers we keep the rates flat at all times.
Any questions?
If you have any questions about the phone cards on our site or need help finding the right calling card feel free to contact us oon our customer service number 1800 671 823 or +61 2 8014 9443 or

Earn Reward Points

When you buy phone cards from us you will also earn reward points that can be exchanged for free phone cards. Each dollar you spend on our website earns you 1 reward point. When you earn 50 reward points you can exchange this for a $5 phone card (10 reward points = $1 of calls).

Find The Best International Calling Cards 

Find a card to help you make cheap international calls using our phone card tool below.

Frequently Asked Questions

We typically send it shortly after your purchase however, if for some reason you haven’t received it, please check your spam/junk folder or give us a call and we can re-send.

Yes. You can use almost any device as long as you can call the local access number.

Calling cards can be used to help you make international calls for much less than what mainstream telco providers like Telstra, Optus, etc. charge.

Yes. We recommend buying online because it lets you clearly see the offers, terms, pricing, fees, etc., rather than inside a shop where this documentation may not be available.

The best phone card is based on your specific needs, for example: how long are your calls? Are you calling a cell phone, landline or both? If your calls are short, find cards with short billing increments (1-3 minutes), and no connection fees. If your calls are longer in duration, then you may opt for one that comes with a connection fee since these are usually cheaper of course, always check the rates.

If you have questions regarding the phone cards on our site or general enquiries about our calling card service, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team at or phone us on 1800 671 823 or +61 2 8014 9443.

Although infrequent, rates will tend to move up and down. It is advised that you check the current rates for our phone cards before purchase or recharge.

No. Our phone cards are only for calling personal landline and mobile numbers.

Yes. Even with the rise of VoIP and internet technology phone cards offer some unique advantages for example, phone cards use the same copper wires that your landline or mobile phone uses which makes them great for calling into areas that have poor or no internet, also some older people prefer the telephone and phone cards still offer incredibly cheap per minute rates, much cheaper than what the major telcos are offering.

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