How Phone Cards Work

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How Do Calling Cards Work?

Being at the forefront of long-distance prepaid telecommunication industry, Phone Card Choice is the most sought after online retailer of prepaid international calling cards. We offer a fantastic range of cheap long distance prepaid calling cards, which can be delivered to you instantly. Our aim is to provide the easier and low-cost option to help you make international calls.

  • 1. Dial the local access number in the area that you are in from your mobile or landline (the local access numbers are printed on the email that we send you after you order)

  • 2. You will then hear a computerized voice that will ask you for your PIN (printed on the email). Punch the PIN in on your telephone keypad and the voice will then tell you how much money you have in your phone card account

  • 3. Next, dial the Destination number:

    For overseas calls, dial:
    0011 + country code + area code + local number + [ # ]

    For STD calls, dial:
    area code + local number + [ # ]

    The computerized voice will then tell you how many minutes you have for that call based on the money you have in your phone card account and the rate to the destination that you are calling

  • 4. When you’re finished calling, just hang up, or press [ # # ] to make another call.

If you have registered your land line or mobile that you are calling from for PINless dialing step 2 is not required.

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