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How to dial from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to Uruguay - Cheap Overseas Calls

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Phone Card Choice :: How to dial from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to Uruguay

So you wish to make calls to Uruguay from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya on a budget with our phone cards.
If you would like to find out more international dialing codes to Uruguay from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, simply use the drop down menu and select your dialing destinations.

Calling Uruguay cheap is as easy as ordering your telephone card online with your credit card or paypal account.
You can chose from a range of cheap international phone cards to Uruguay from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya by looking at the list below. Once you have found your cheapest calling to Uruguay rates, you are almost done.. Once you have made your selection of the best calling card to Uruguay you can activate it online and begin to make calls to Uruguay.
Unlike most other Libyan Arab Jamahiriya phone cards, this Libyan Arab Jamahiriya calling card offers you great value for all calling to Uruguay. There are no dropout outs, no disconnection fees, and this is NOT a VOIP service.
Infact if you want to make cheapest calls to Uruguay from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, then you have come to the right place.

International phone calls to Uruguay have never been cheaper!
Ring Uruguay now.
Cheap international phone cards from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.
Best Libyan Arab Jamahiriya calling card rates.
Cheapest Libyan Arab Jamahiriya phone cards online!

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To call from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to Uruguay you need to dial:

0 + 598 + city code + phone number

City Code
Aigui 446
Araminda 337
Artigas 772
Balneario Las Flores 43
Baltasar Brum 776
Barra del Chuy 474
Barrio Escavino 349
Belén 766
Bella Unión 779
Boca del Rosario 557
Caballada 52
Canelón Chico 33
Canelones 32
Capurro 338
Cardal 339
Cardona 536
Carlos Reyles 368
Carmelo 542
Carmen 365
Caserko Murialdo 313
Castillos 475
Casupi 311
Cebollatk 459
Cerro Chato 466
Cerro Colorado 318
Chamizo 319
Colonia Cosmopolita 556
Colonia Miguelete 575
Colonia Piamontesa 552
Colonia Rapettti 546
Colonia Tomis 562
Colonia Valdense 55
Conchillas 577
Constitución 764
Costa Azul (Rocha) 479
Dayman 73
Dolores 534
Durazno 36
Estación Andreoni 317
Estación Sosa Dkaz 390
Faro José Ignacio 486
Florida 352
Fraile Muerto 688
Guichón 742
Ismael Cortinas 539
Izcua 412
J.P.Varela 455
José Batlle y Ordonez 469
José Enrique Rodó 538
Juan Lacaze 586
La Barra (Maldonado) 42
La Coronilla 476
Lagomar 38
Laguna Merkn 679
Las Canas 413
Las Piedras 324
Lascano 456
Libertad 345
Maldonado 42
Mariscala 449
Melo 64
Mercedes 53
Minas 44
Minas de Corrales 658
Mones Quintela 778
Montevideo 2
Nueva Carrara 415
Nueva Palmira 544
Nuevo Berlkn 568
Ombses de Lavalle 576
Palmitas 537
Paso de los Toros 664
Paysands 72
Paysandu 722
Piedras Coloradas 747
Pintado 354
Piraraji 448
Playa Fomento 587
Punta del Diablo 477
Punta Del Este 42
Quebracho 754
Rivera 62
Rko Branco 675
Rocha 47
Rodrkguez 348
San Gregorio de Polanco 369
San Jacinto 399
San Javier 569
San José 34
San Jose 342
San Jose De Carrasco 38
San Ramón 312
Santa Ana 588
Santa Clara de Olimar 464
Sarandk del Yk 367
Solks de Mataojo 379
Tacuarembó 63
Tala 315
Tarariras 574
Termas del Arapey 645
Tomis Gomensoro 777
Tranqueras 656
Treinta y Tres 45
Trinidad 364
Velizquez 457
Vergara 458
Vichadero 654
Young 567
Zapicin 463
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