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How to dial from Liberia to Bosnia and Herzegowina - Cheap Overseas Calls

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Phone Card Choice :: How to dial from Liberia to Bosnia and Herzegowina

So you wish to make calls to Bosnia and Herzegowina from Liberia on a budget with our phone cards.
If you would like to find out more international dialing codes to Bosnia and Herzegowina from Liberia, simply use the drop down menu and select your dialing destinations.

Calling Bosnia and Herzegowina cheap is as easy as ordering your telephone card online with your credit card or paypal account.
You can chose from a range of cheap international phone cards to Bosnia and Herzegowina from Liberia by looking at the list below. Once you have found your cheapest calling to Bosnia and Herzegowina rates, you are almost done.. Once you have made your selection of the best calling card to Bosnia and Herzegowina you can activate it online and begin to make calls to Bosnia and Herzegowina.
Unlike most other Liberia phone cards, this Liberia calling card offers you great value for all calling to Bosnia and Herzegowina. There are no dropout outs, no disconnection fees, and this is NOT a VOIP service.
Infact if you want to make cheapest calls to Bosnia and Herzegowina from Liberia, then you have come to the right place.

International phone calls to Bosnia and Herzegowina have never been cheaper!
Ring Bosnia and Herzegowina now.
Cheap international phone cards from Liberia.
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To call from Liberia to Bosnia and Herzegowina you need to dial:

0 + 387 + city code + phone number

City Code
Banja Luka 51
Bijeljina 55
Bosansko - Podrinjska Županija 38
Distrikt Brcko 49
Doboj 53
Foca/Srbinje 58
Herceg 34
Hercegovac 36
Kanton Sarajevo 33
Mobile Phones - BH Telecom 61
Mobile Phones - Eronet 63
Mobile Phones - Moblna Skpske 65
Mrkonjic' Grad 50
Posavska Županija 31
Prijedor 52
Sarajevska Županija 33
Srbinje 58
Srednjo 30
Srpsko Sarajevo 57
Trebinje 59
Tuzlanska Županija 35
Unsko 37
Zapadno 39
Zenic 32
Zvornik 56
Šamac 54
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