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To call from Albania to Spain you need to dial:

0 + 34 + city code + phone number

Cheapest Card to call Spain-Landline
Phone Card Rate, A$ Connection Fee Billing Increment Details Local access availability
Omega Phone Card 1.5 ¢/min 59 ¢ 3 min
Omega Phone Card Omega Phone Card
Rate, A$: 1.5 ¢/min
Connection Fee: 59 ¢
Billing Increment: 3 min
Local availability

Omega Phone Card
Price Talk Time  
A$ 10.00 10h 25min
A$ 20.00 + A$2.00 bonus 23h 46min
A$ 40.00 + A$4.00 bonus 48h 13min

Cheapest Card to call Spain-Mobile
Phone Card Rate, A$ Connection Fee Billing Increment Details Local access availability
Mr Calls Phone Card 8.8 ¢/min 89 ¢ 3 min
Mr Calls Phone Card Mr Calls Phone Card
Rate, A$: 8.8 ¢/min
Connection Fee: 89 ¢
Billing Increment: 3 min
Local availability

Mr Calls Phone Card
Price Talk Time  
A$ 10.00 1h 43min
A$ 20.00 3h 37min
A$ 30.00 + A$3.00 bonus 6h 4min
A$ 60.00 + A$6.00 bonus 12h 19min

City Code
A Coruña 981
Alava 945
Albacete 967
Alicante 96
Almeria 950
Asturias 985
Avila 920
Badajoz 924
Baleares 971
Barcelona 93
Bilbao 94
Burgos 947
Caceres 927
Cadiz 956
Cantabria 942
Castellon 964
Ceuta 952
Cordoba 957
Cuenca 969
Girona 972
Granada 958
Guadalajara 949
Guipuzcoa 943
Huelva 959
Huesca 974
Igualada 93
Jaen 953
La Rioja 941
Las Palmas 928
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 928
Leon 987
Lerida 973
Lugo 982
Madrid 91
Malaga 95
Melilla 952
Murcia 968
Navarra 948
Orense 988
Palencia 979
Palma De Mallorca 971
Pamplona 948
Pontevedra 986
Salamanca 923
Santa Cruz de Tenerife 922
Santander 942
Segovia 921
Seville 95
Soria 954
Tarragona 977
Tenerife 922
Toledo 925
Torremolinos 952
Turuel 978
Valencia 96
Valladolid 983
Vizcaya 94
Zamora 980
Zaragoza 976
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